Working with Human Design, I have found a way to make decisions I can trust. A way that has nothing to do with my mind.

I know, it seems radical. All your life, you've been told to follow your mind, to think it through. Human Design shows you another way. 

Your mind runs you around and has no idea what is correct for you. But your body does.


You have a reliable guidance system within you, that you can trust. You just need help accessing it. 

In Human Design, we call it your Strategy & Authority.

Life is all about choices.

But how do you know that you are making the correct decisions? 

Hi, I'm Amy.
When I discovered Human Design, I found a way to rewire my brain to pay attention to my life and surrender to the wisdom of my body.

This has allowed me to get out of my thoughts and make decisions that I can trust. And wow! It’s a remarkable thing
to trust yourself.

Amy Garvey

Certified Living Your Design Guide

"Thank you so much for introducing me to Human Design.

It has changed my life in a way that feels so right."


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Are you interested in finding your unique guidance system? 

It's a simple process. I start with your birth time and create your Human Design chart.

In our first session, I will explain how you are designed to best operate in the world and make decisions that are correct for you. 
As a way for us to get to know each other, I also offer a short free introductory chat.

My reflections on Human Design...

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