Amy Garvey

Human Design Guide
IHDS Certified

Hi, I'm Amy.
Human Design has changed my life. It has brought enormous benefit to my parenting, the lives of my daughters and to all my relationships, including my relationship with myself. 

It has taught me to trust that life knows where to find me.
That I don't need to figure it all out with my mind and most importantly to respect & love myself.

I love to share the simple & practical tools of Human Design. I can support you in more deeply understanding yourself, reducing confusion and stress and learning how to trust your own personal guidance system. 

It all begins with making correct decisions.

Before Human Design, I was continually searching for the answers outside myself.

I spent years looking for the perfect teacher who could tell me how to live my life. I meditated (a lot!), tried to change my thoughts, wrote love notes to myself, went on retreats, read many many books ....

But no matter what I tried I was frustrated, angry and dissatisfied. I felt so much resistance in my body and I had no idea why! 


Then I bumped into Human Design and began experimenting with the practical system. 


I discovered that the answers were within me all along.

I started to accept my uniqueness instead of wishing I was someone else. I found a way to make correct decisions. And I began to trust myself.

When I embraced who I was, started following my strategy and authority, I found what I was searching for. 

This does not mean my life is magically easy. Life is still challenging at times ... because that's how life is!  

I have a varied background as an entrepreneur, founded a successful corporate communications company servicing Fortune 500 organizations in San Francisco and worked for many years as a senior project manager. I am also a teacher and an artist.  


Now I enjoy a simple life in the mountains of British Columbia with my teen daughters. I love walking with my friends, exploring my creativity through painting, laying on the couch listening to music and looking deeply into what it means to be human.


With Human Design, I have found a level of clarity, satisfaction and peace that I have never experienced before.

"Working with Amy and Human Design, I’ve discovered that

I can just follow my design and let my life unfold.

She is extremely supportive & great at making it easy to understand.

Now I just take it slow. There is no need to push.

And what a wild ride!"


My Human Design Chart
1:3 Emotional Manifesting Generator

My Human Design Education

  • PTL1 Analyst Training - Laveena Archers

  • Living Your Design Guide Training - Laveena Archers

  • Rave Cartography - Mary Ann Winiger

  • Rave ABC's  - Laveena Archers

  • Living Your Design - Alokanand Diaz & Jakub Střítezský

  • Radical Deconditioning - Leela & Dharmen Swann-Herbert

  • The Four Transformations  - Leela & Dharmen Swann-Herbert

  • Immersions with Mary Ann Winiger