Human Design is a simple, practical parenting tool.

It gives you insight into your child's unique way of being based on their design. You will better understand how they learn, listen and the best way for them to take in food.


Human Design gives you information on how to be an authentic parent (by understanding your design), communicate effectively with your family members and uncover the hidden relationship dynamics that are at play in your family.

Our task as parents is to honour ourselves first, support our children's uniqueness and help them find their own guidance system so they can eventually navigate their lives correctly.

We can support our children in discovering themselves and just allow them to be who they uniquely are. When we deeply respect and accept one another, there is a level of ease in our relating, and a spaciousness that emerges. And we get to enjoy that!

Would you like to understand the unique designs & hidden dynamics in your family? 

"Wow it’s quite simple!

Understanding how my family members (all 6 of us!)

are uniquely designed has helped me to support them.

And with the radical acceptance of my own design,

I am able to make decisions that are correct for me.

Our family life flows so much easier.

Thank you."


My experience as a mother 

In our house, we have 3 different design types (projector, manifestor, generator). By understanding the dynamics of each type, I've been able to check out the validity of the Human Design system by watching it work within my own family. 

My eldest is a projector and she operates best when she is recognized and invited. By respecting her need for recognition and invitation, she is able to trust her own guidance system and our relationship has naturally flourished.

My youngest, as an emotional manifestor, needs time to make decisions and to feel through her emotional process. I have learned to give her space and to let her initiate how we connect.

As a mother, by understanding my children's designs, I realize how to honour their uniqueness and support them in being who they are instead of trying to make them be someone they are not.


And it's incredibly satisfying for this generator mom!

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